6th$ithlord – vibrations 歌詞


[verse 1]
i met this old women
asked me how i’m doin
told her sh_tty
i’m losing my mind
no need to stress
just inhale all the breath
focus your thoughts
think positive and forget
sit down an meditate
meeting me is yo fate
open up yo gates and
you gone feel something great
kundalini energy is
rising up mane
i looked at her strange and
this is what she told me

feel the vibrations
in my head
feel the vibrations
in your head

[verse 2]
workin on my chakras
while i meditate
seeing colors
red blue green
talking to my
ascended masters i’m
channeling my fate
open up my outer chakras
vibrating out of this plane
no i will not ever stop
you can get out of my face
ima hit you with the force
magnetizing your brain
it fon’t really matter mane
cause in the end you gone
let the energy inside
quit the lies
you know that
this world is fake
open up that inner eye
come to it and realize

stuck within a matrix
am i human
trapped inside an
f_ck illusions
ima student
of tehuti
ima king
in this world
i can feel the gods flowing
through me
in a endless swirl

- 6thithlord