6th$ithlord – void 歌詞


i poured up an 8th
this sh_t is some drop
lsd crazed
colors they pop
pink molly she give me
some top
smoking on gas
don’t sip cîroc
running up bands
look how they flock
b_tch on my d_ck
told her to suck on my glock
wet up the block
666 shots
painting yo ass on the spot

b_tch i am an alien
sent from pleiadan
stars, draconian
i am reptilian

maul these motherf_ckers
i k!ll em all
f_ck tha law
lurking undercovers
i’ll never fall
i don’t give a f_ck about no p_ssy ass trick
play yo part motherf_cker and
just die like a b_tch
triple 6 all on my mind
yah my demons got me lit
skrt skrt in the whip
smoking on exotic sh_t

lil latin shawty count
money by the peso
cake fat, poor two lines
in a faygo
b_tch throw ass in a
circle, tornado
don’t stop till you drink up my mayo

i’m f_cked up
all these drugs
b_tch you sus
can’t f_ck wit us
you smokin dust

- 6thithlord