6th$ithlord – waking cthulhu *outro* 歌詞


balancing my powers
b_tch i am the antichrist
slice and dice
i’ll cut you nice and
end ya motherf_ckers life

sinister tendencies
grippin my blade and
it want to feed
flesh and bone
what it like to meet
end a motherf_cker
never feel a thing

breaking reality
with my consciousness
rip through dimensions
cause an apocalypse
look up at the sky
there’s a full eclipse
you can read it
in my hieroglyphs

i don’t give a f_ck bout what you think
always trippin on that lsd
losing my mind
but i know i’ll be fine
the darkness will combine
you’ll see
dead inside
never take my life
cause the reaper
coming for me

- 6thithlord