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909memphis – want it more* lyrics


lyrics from snippet

aj, what’s poppin’?
ayo tommi, turn it up, let’s get it

i want it more than you, i’d rather be honest
tryna be different, iconic (oh, yeah)
yeah, i’m tryin’ my best not to call you and be dishonest
but you always leave me astonished
yeah, i want it more than the best, let me get it off my chest
yeah, i want it more than the best, swear i’m better than the rest

you ain’t seen me broke, you ain’t seen me hustle
but if you’ve seen me down, you’ve seen me flex my muscles
and if i chase a bag, it’s gonna cause some trouble
and if i’m down bad, no, i’ll never fumble
yeah, it’s just me and the team
i’m a good boy but i chill with the fiends
smokin’ green, lookin’ clean
been a dope boy since seventeen
all the hustlers know what i mean
this life, it come with a fee
no guarantee you’ll succeed
all i know, it’s up to me

- 909memphis