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a o n – numb lyrics



girl you’ve really done it
you’ve made me numb
the lies, i accept them
but i’m not dumb
i know what you did
i don’t give a sh-t
the pain, i don’t feel it
cause you’ve made me numb (or: cause i am numb)

{verse 1}

girl your friends keep tellin me that you’re cheatin on me
i tell you i don’t believe em but baby i can see
the guilt you try to hide it but it’s written on your face
the look says that what you have done has filled you with disgrace
i tell you i believe every lie but i am not dumb
don’t worry about the pain i can’t feel it cause i’m numb
don’t worry about my feelings girl, now i feel no pain
my heart’s so numb now you’d think that it’s full of novacain


{verse 2}

into my heart
i feel no pain
i fell apart
my hearts been drained
from the start
it’s like a pain
work of art
this pain inside
i tried to hide
sometimes i wished
that i would die
with every lie
that you tried
to tell me baby
i would cry
what you’ve done
it’s not fun
i stay with you
because i’m dumb
my heart is leaking
my blood runs
but i feel no pain
because i’m numb
couldn’t breathe
i couldn’t see
why you would do
what you did to me
but in time
with every lie
that you told me
my pain ceased


{verse 3}

girl my heart says that it needs ya
rip it out if it will please ya
go through pain and it could leave ya
numb inside like anasthesia
girl i live ya, love ya, need ya
see you, taste you, feel you, breathe you
girl you stabbed my heart and left a whole
the size of arizona
so i called you on the phone cause
i was hurting and alone and
i won’t forget what you told me
that you never ever loved me
and it hurt real bad at first
but in time the pain dispersed
cause at first i thought i was done
but in time i found i was numb
my heart felt like it was asleep
no matter what you did to me
whether novacain or anasthesia
it’s all the same to me
in time the pain ceased to be
looked at you, you looked at me
you’re the reason that my heart beats
it’s too bad you do this to me


cause you’ve made me numb

- a o n