ab – soul – black lip bastard (remix) 歌詞


(performed by black hippy)
(feat. ab-soul, jay rock, kendrick lamar & schoolboy q)

[verse 1: kendrick lamar]
black lip b-st-rd, p-ss me your p-ssword
so i can hack inside your brain, see i too have gone insane
before i fall i’m sure to curse you all in jesus’ name
lead shower, and a pebble hour b-tch stand the rain

look inside my parking garage and see a collage
of every person i despise since the moment i turned 5
calculate my steps and strategically took my time
even falling off, i land on the -ss of nicki minaj
eat that pink p-ssy like it’s friday
bust one, roman reload, then smoke to sade
and somebody tell rihanna too
i need that v-g-n- too
don’t f-cking take me for some kind of fool
i’m kinda the reminder of knowin’ compton ain’t kinda cool
good kid, mad city, mountaintops couldn’t see my views
counter-tops, we hop over, hit the register then we move
i hope this sh-t can register on a regular soon
before i climb this pedestal and make you catch my f-cking stool b-tch, leave ’em grieving on evening news
even when society break even, i’ll break rules

[verse 2: ab-soul]
i told n-gg-s, caught wrecked, and then i towed n-gg-s
fold n-gg-s like clothes and drawers n-gg-
homie chose to go toe-to-toe, i had to break his leg
like a cliche to rock a show, is that over your head?
n-gg-s stretchin’ the truth like they choose to do yoga instead
either that or that or they depressed, eatin’ yogurt in bed
solar system, grab a sp-ce shuttle and stay subtle
the b-ss bit the bait, i’m straight, you a gay couple
i ain’t thirsty for the deal, wait and make em’ pay double
anxious when i’m banking on the table i need a muzzle
you’re basic like cable to a satellite dish
you was runnin’ la, now you out of there like fish
what more can i say? i’m a b-st-rd with black lips
black shirt, black shades, long black d-ck
i’m awkward dog, i’m trynna bargain shop at saks fifth
swung two axes and knocked the earth off axis

[verse 3: schoolboy q]
figg side, black nine, black lips, smoke time
f-ck this rap sh-t i’m actin

suckin’ on t-tties since i was 8
hoodie with my shades i ain’t trynna be fake
so don’t be talking to me p-ssy
runnin’ your gums like you be loc’ing
when the world know that you’re nookie
rookie, softer than if you fabric
i won’t have it, when the gun drawn get rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tatted
know my n-gg-s movin’
you hesitatin’ to hit the lick, what the f-ck is you doin’

[verse 4: ab-soul]
perpetratin’, b-tches poppin’ percocet and percolatin’
freelance for god but do the work of satan, whatever works
i’m clever with the words if you haven’t noticed yet
lightyears ahead, i’m bright and i like to get oral s-x
soul brother number 1+1, gettin’ fed like where drugs and guns come from

[verse 5: jay rock]
all we do is do it, sh-ttin’ on the compet-tion
taking heads off, this hannibal lecter music
you n-gg-s don’t move me, you n-gg-s just movies
cut straight to them credits and hit you with’ a uzi
peel off in a dooney, truck bed full of toolies
get home, smoke, and poke on some coochie
i’m just f-ckin’ around, enough with them fairy tales
but i bust heads for real, go head –
i’m jay rock, you norm’ n-gg-s beneath me
how you gon’ dance with the devil, with two left feet?
peep, thinkin’ you sweet but you weak
talkin out of turn’ll leave all of your teeth in the street
momma taught you better, never clash with a giant
unless you david, remember my n-gg-, i’m not goliath
feel the wrath of this t-tan, hit some water call it poseidon
wig out, then hit your -ss with a trident
money on the table my n-gg-, you know i’m all in
if rap was a drink, you wine n-gg-, i’m all gin
hunnit’ proof, recruit a hunnit’ troops who love to shoot
no fluke my n-gg-, you know that’s what us hunters do
east side up, watt city mayhem
choppers that sprayin’ from am to pm
i’m the silent -ss-ssin of the four-headed dragon
black hippy blastin’ a 50 out the back of the benz wagon
toe tagging wack rappers off gp
you can’t see me, your vision ain’t 3d
you smokin’ on that seaweed, we rollin’ up that kiwi
in the backwood lightin’, we high for like 3 weeks
you payin’ for that p-ssy but we always get freebies
top dawg that ho and throw it like a frisbee, it’s history
you know the night and day is ours
top dawg conglomerate, hiiipower, b-tch

- ab