ac slayher – last train in new york 歌詞


(verse: king abs)

tossing fives, tossing tens, tossing bills got these hoes
they got they friends, my n-ggas roll
we got that hen, they got that weed, they blowing trees
we sipping lean, they popping e, rolling clean
these b-tches open, p-ssy popping with no motive
they drop it low, every movement now slow motion
my n-ggas frozen, stuck on stupid moved by music
these b-tches moved in, get into it, her head game foolish
she flashed her b00bies, raised her booty, served her duty
i’m out that coochie, hit the door called my roomie
said you finished with yours yet?, he said yes
so we switched, traded girls, exchanged goods
you know what’s next

we on the last train new york (3x)
and these broads want us all so they call

- ac slayher