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according to john – perfect world lyrics


somewhere between a lie and truth lies a subtle line of gray and although it’s undetectable it’s reflected in all we say. we don’t want to hate or judge each other, we l-st want to live our lives. to save ourselves, we must seek the truth and recognize these rites; i have my motivation, prejudice and pain. i will not live my life, live my life in vain. this more-than-human condition, a denial of our flaws we want the effects of perfection, but disregard the cause a simple mistaken judgment, an unmistakable fact of life we want to say we can do no wrong, but wrong’s what defines right. in a perfect world that i can’t live we’re fallible, we’re so fragile, we suffer for our sins we have to learn to learn from our mistakes and somehow make amends. stress and instability, depression and dismay, we want to live without regrets, but there is no other way you can’t have it you can’t have it all.

- according to john