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adeaze – memory lane lyrics


m1: “hey, it’s great to have us all out on a road trip again this is gonna be fun”
[all agree]
m2: “whoa, do you smell that skunk”
all: “yeah
m2: “you know, even though it stinks it kinda reminds me of growing up”
[all agree]
m3: “it kinda reminds me of smelling weed”
[all agree]
m1: “hey, it reminds me of smelling a p-ssy”
[all agree]
m2: “it reminds me of smelling an -ss”
[all agree]
m4: “it reminds me of smelling a 60 year old guys -ss”
[car screeches, he drops out of the car]
m4: “hey, screw you guys i am who i am deal with it”

m1: “i’m glad we got rid of him his was a wierdo”
m3: “oh my god, that was a little out there, hey check out a water slide, man, those things always remind me of my 13th birthday party, remember that”
[all agree]
m1: “hey, it reminds me of that girl i met last year who was a lifegaurd at one of those things, she was unbelievable”
[all agree]
m2: “hey, it reminds me of that rich girl i went out with and when her dad went out of town we fooled around in his ju’causezi”
[all agree]
m3: “it also reminds me of the time i saw a 60 year old guy slide down one of those things and he was going so fast his bathing suit fell off, and i just stood there at his big beutiful hai
lls flopping around, holy geez i wanted to lick em'”
[car screeches he drops out of it]
m3: “i hate you guys, you tricked me into sayin’ that”

m2: “i always knew that guy was a little wierd”
m1: “hey, there’s a pizza place it smells awesome”
m2: “it reminds me of the time i used to work in a pizza place”
m1: “it reminds me of my first date with this girl named ginger, i took her to a pizza place”
m2: “hey, it also reminds me of the time i ate a slice of pizza, and then went over to a 60 year old man’s house and made him f-ck me in the -ss in front of his kids”
[car screeches, he drops out of it]
m2: “hey don’t get all hitey mitey he wanted me to do it”

m1: “man they were all crazy, hey, what’s that”
cow: “moo”
m1: “oh my god, ahhhhhhhhhhh”
[car chrashes]

“hey that last skit was written for a reason, if any of your buddy’s have fooled around with a 60 year old man, don’t throw them out of your car, or you will die, now enjoy the rest of the

- adeaze