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advent – the dawn lyrics


in this dawn
i can see: angels are falling;
in this dawn
i can see: life broken;

where are we going?

i see men that fight
for good and justice
i see men fighting
to defend the right
i see men dying
i see men killing

the the innocents are falling
then the justice of the stronger

“…bell’alba questa?
in sanguinoso ammanto…”
[v. alfieri]

my soul crying
bitter blood tears

where are we going…
in the end?

the beast hack in the sky
obscuring the sun
steel and fire
tear flesh and blood
iron demons
sow shrewdness
rom the skies are falling
horror and destruction

“…bell’alba questa?
in sanguinoso ammanto…”
[v. alfieri]

cry to the world
the angels are falling!
i cry when
the angels are dying

i cry
bitter blood tears
in the end
i see only death and deep sorrow…

a new dawn
it must be another way…

among fire
standing torment body,
children and women
are crying for their men
from the skies
raining blood
the earth is furrowed by sorrow:
the end of mankind…

- advent