akinyele – messing with my cru 歌詞


messing with my cru

[alisha hill – hook]
messing with my cru [2x]
we will kill you [2x]
you don’t have a f-cking clue (clue)
what we came to do [2x]
you don’t have a f-cking clue
what we came to do [2x]

ha i roll on your doo like bamboo
man listen
ak-nel stay in condition
like shampoo
there ain’t a man who
can handle
once i back slap you
or clap you
bullets in your skin like a tatoo
now back to
you ain’t as bad as me
i get down
for my clan
till they call me your magesty
n-gg- fat as me
still f-ck with strategy
my d-ck stuck way up where her blatter be
but that don’t matter see
i’ll serve your -ss like andre ag-ssi
f-ck tennis
you dealing with a straight menace
wailing on your -ss like venice
well uh
got it sewn like a tailor
float like a sailor
truck like a trailor
scope with the [?]
all the above i’ve done the like austrailia
straight bailing you out
one call from jail
aiming you out like master p
that’s what we be a about
i got ammunition
for those dissing
this ain’t r&b
that’s why i’m skipping
all that rip sh-t
i land one
with the hand gun
you could go ask charles
and he’ll tell you
i’m the motherf-cking man son
my gun had bust many mans
watch many mans
get swept off there feet like dust pans
you get touched man
messing with us man


ha i’m untouchable like elliot ness
my foot will lay you down to rest
and bless you with that russell simmons saint
and say thanks for coming out and god bless
bow f-ck that bullet proof vest
i got hollow pistol leave you with the bullet infested in the chest
it’s the ak-nel
you know i rock well
i keep the gun point c-cked like f-cking barbells
who the h-ll
want to touck this veteran
murder is the medicine
fine i’ll stop the peddaling
bullet in your brain
leave your head in pain
on the ground you’ll be laying
reaching for exceteran ceteran ceteran
but f-ck that headache
you headed for a wake
i through the gun in the lake
so they don’t see me upstate
now they don’t have a clue and sh-t
around the way
i see your name
written on the walls
like rest in peace in you and sh-t
your crew they ain’t doing sh-t
your mom’s talking about the city had you suing it
i got the name michael inbreded on the mack 11
they send punk n-gg-s on the highway to heaven
you want to see god hit you with about seven
you want to see god hit you with about seven
like you shop in pensylvania your blood straight redden
get it redden pensylvania
you want to shoot a fear one
i might swing my hands like macarena

[hook 2x]

- akinyele