aletheian – call to arms 歌詞


faint reflections herald the break of dawn as shadows are overtaken by the warmth of light.
the mist subsides and the songs arise as darkness succ-mbs to a new day.
the binding silence of the absence of light falls to the freedom of the rising sun.
(not merely the start of a new cycle, but the renewal of life’s potential.)
another chance to rise and embrace the gift of life
stand in awe of the promise that transcends the frailty of time.
another chance to rise and revel in the glory of the truth indwelling.
marvel at the divine manifestations of rebirth.
another chance to rise and pursue the wisdom of the hand that guides.
extol the power that â? re-grafts the dying vine.â? – romans 11: 24
another chance to rise and rest in the -ssurance of hope.
strive to defend and uphold the sanct-ty of truth.
take this time to revive your own strength and take full advantage of potential.
do not let this opportunity fade and be forsaken by the desire to rest in the shadows.
this is the time to stand and proclaim that there is still hope.
this is a call to arms, stand up and fight against the lifeless norm.
this is a charge against the apathy that furthers this complacent world.
this is the time for change, all that remains is to move beyond the self-absorbed.
this is a call to arms, stand and embrace the glory that this day unfolds.

- aletheian