alex wiley – kiss the sky 歌詞


what’s up kiss the sky
what’s up kiss the sky
why would i come down before i’m gone, gone

[verse 1: mike gao]
look, i woke up feeling flyer than some mother f-cking birds
and some mother f-cking bees
i’m a mother f-cking beast
even kelsey grammar say that boy go ham (that boy go ham)
better bring your f-cking camera this a kodak
your cd thursday we throwback, that shit weak (that shit weak)
man i’m so d-mn high might reek for a couple f-cking weeks (couple f-cking weeks)
uh, man i learned from the lies of the guys who just tried to f-cking teach
aye, that we ain’t gon’ be shit
i learned more b-mping yeezus
i’ve been a man since a fetus
i got ’em all like jesus christ
my team next, no runnin’ up no mo’
we coming up, we getting up fo’sho
them stars shining, them clouds moving
them planets balling, them girls calling, but what’s new?


- alex wiley