american music club – royal cafe 歌詞


how do you live travelling like this
you laughed too much when things used to be funny
and now it’s all a big state of bliss

we had a little party somewhere outside memphis
we hid a six-pack under the seat
it’s never too late to forget

i can see them all standing around the bar
with big crowns of gold on their heads
and they’re all blind to who you are
at the royal café

if you keep laughing, i’ll forgive you anything
watch the towns p-ss by like tears
after all the scenery is just a blur
and the world is just ringing in our ears

hey princess,
this p-ssage suspended between now and then
make no problem don’t worry about anything

hurry hurry make sure there’s no time
for them to get their claws in us
raise a toast at the end of the line
at the royal café

but the harder your pain
you got to find a way to survive
with all your pain
you got to find something to keep alive

don’t worry about the magic kingdom
they wouldn’t even let us near the gate
yeah we’re just a couple of anchors
dragging an empty slate

oh, are you ready to go?
you’ll be happier, i know
are you ready to go?
you’ll be happier, i know
are you ready to go to the royal café?
are you ready to go?

- american music club