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amon amarth – burning creation lyrics


surtur comes from the south
with red hot fire wargods swords
shines like the sun
mountains break, men on hel-road
the heaven crumbles, ragnark is at hand

then ro hlin appears
another grief when odin odin goes to fight
the evil fenris
and brave and glory freyr
goes against surtur
then will frigg’s beloved one die
vidar, odin’s mighty son
he will come to slay the wolf
the sword he runs into the heart
of hverdrungs son
so he avenges his father

so comes llodyns n-ble son
thor, he goes to fight the snake
in anger he slays the guardian of midgaard
nine steps dying walks odin’s son
away from the snake whose misdeeds he not feared
dying from its venom

when all are gone
only surtur remained
p-ssong his hand of fire
across the whole world
consuming all of creation

- amon amarth