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archive – skyscraper lyrics


one man climbs higher then one bites dust
through the dark hours in dark towers we trust
forever rays of light will energize my
born ability, mind stability, much creativity

39 steps, 22 catch boxed in
tales of the city we get lost in
living in the maze i’m amazed
by the ways in the days of forever
go non-stop pressure

risking obelisks stands stable in the skyline
you will find icon is symbol and symbol is sign
higher aspect looking down over the horizon
the cloud nine, zero back
down to the ground skyscr-per

you will never feel what it’s like to be
or how it seems to me
it’s all man-made material
scribbled down by the architect
just parallel lines on the paper

surrounded by walls that vary in size
still they cast an intimidating image in my eyes
but ya concrete block will never rock my stone
in ya zone i? m unbreakable
able to resist over the stage in time
a newer age and still i’m in a rage of dilemma
minds eye spray gamma hammer nail

again it presents itself
what’s life like upon the top shelf?
it really doesn’t matter if i’m any
lesser than your higher status
see the press haven’t you heard the latest
the greatest thing about being i is me
and what i really can be
i never run, you never ran me

i stand my ground found solid stance
never take a step back, move forward
remember this skyscr-per ya building blocks
trickle down like sands of time
so roll the dice then pay the price

- archive