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archontes – the world where shadows come to life lyrics


i see the starlight
and i feel the pain
so it’s been
and shall be tomorrow
my wings are clipped
but i’m trying to fly
over and over again
i wake up in tears
wishing not to leave
the luring realm of shadows
where i am free
where i am welcomed
where is my heart and my friends

tell me, the great creator
from beyond the sky
why do these visions fill my mind
maybe these dreams are real
and there i belong
i’ve been born here
but it may be wrong

save us,
the illusion king
burns from within
come back
fight for tomorrow
i pray for the time to come
and i will be gone

the life i was used to
is breaking apart
oh my god! maybe i am insane?
and all my visions
are just nonsense
of the mind tired of everyday life

- archontes