asking alexandria – closure 歌詞



one last time!

we’re back again, you know we’re not f-cking around
got a bottle of jack in our hands, you tryna’ keep up kid?
let’s see who hits the ground
we’ve drank the drinks, we’ve done the drugs, clearly we don’t remember
we’ve come so far, we’ve shown them all, without us you’d fall and fade away

they say it all breaks down to keeping your feet on the ground
my sole intention is keeping my head in the clouds
they say that i can’t last a day in the real world
i say you wouldn’t survive one night in mine

notorious and sh-t i wouldn’t trade it for the world
i’m infamous but d-mn you can’t help but love this sh-t!

i’m everything we need to make this scene what it should have been
remember platinum alb-ms, sold out stadiums, leave it to me
let’s tell the truth, not to be rude but we’re all irrelevant
this music’s dead with a bullet in it’s head
let’s wake it up

(who-o-oa) [x2]

it’s so insane, i’m so insane
going insane, i’m so insane
leave it to me from here

- asking alexandria