avias seay – hater nation 歌詞


verse: take a n-gg- that’s tripping thinking in they mind, hating on a n-gg- swagg that’s trying to get up and grind, they be singing different melodies but they can’t shine, check the tims on a n-gg- feet boy that bracelet mine, so don’t be clowining when you see me n-gg- you aint blind and if you run up on dis boy you get a piece of mind, i be with my loaded n-gg-z baby you aint trying to get up on this n-gg- avias seat me first in line, cause 863 already fly my n-gg- we aint trying you be singing different tunes but we know that you lying, it’s a fact that you reside in a world of chaos you be singing to them officers so my n-gg- you lost, same selling out n-gg- on this computer screen, when you know you girl jocking and ya n-gg- it seem, if a place i could place you it would be for a while because a hater in this nation is like killing a child, yes i be on mysp-ce page like everyday, i see them nasty comments in everyway, but yall shine aint trying to grind me n-gg- we don’t play, my n-gg- dex and all my dawgs n-gg- we don’t fake, earning cash is a must so we hustle you snitches and my n-gg- we aint rich but we trying to get it, you can find me anywhere in this world on pc just search avias and dex my n-gg- then you found me, dex rep 386 to the fullest and right, can’t hate the n-gg- swagg dress always stay tight, and if you blog about my n-gg- then we gonna fight, some say um full of myself if then true n-gg- bite, fall back all you haterz it’s 2010, fall back all you haterz cause i’m gonna begin, fall back all you haterz cause i’m trying to shine, fall back all you haterz cause i’m gona get mine!

- avias seay