axel rudi pell – streets of fire 歌詞


ride thru the night,
escape from the chains,
with a loaded gun in my hand.
from outlaw 2 hero,
rebel rider.
shoots 4 the thrills,
kills 4 the game
but no one understands,
the lesson is zero
2 outsiders.
nowhere 2 run,
nowhere 2 hide,
no looking back,
the hammer is coming down
in your direction
on the line once again.
(streets of fire),
you’re under the gun,
(streets of fire),
out on the run,
(streets of fire),
out 4 blood 2 night
on streets of fire.
stranger in town,
a victim in sight,
out on the streets again,
so hide all the children,
armed and ready.
hearts beating fast,
wind blowing cold,
finger holds the
triggers’ end.
yours 4 the killing,
nice + steady.

- axel rudi pell