b.k.p. – watch the flames 歌詞


[ hook: justin timberlake ]
if this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together
watch the flames climb high into the night
calling out father, oh, stand by and we will
watch the flames burn auburn on the mountain side high

verse 01:
it’s all new sh-t and i can’t speak
since the last time we haven’t talked
and i hold this pain closely like you owe me
but you loved me, i’m f-ckin crazy for you and i can’t sleep
i said i wouldn’t hold grudges but no one sees
the things you do to me, you’re k!llin me kindheartedly
you are my best buddy
we had chemistry but we used the wrong remedy
sick of you as my enemy
this isn’t love, is it? where’s is our destiny
have the tendency to look at each other like we’re on the same f-ckin team
no empathy, when you stress for me, you a mess but we
can never have a perfect relationship but we don’t see
what our break up has done to me
i watched love fade to black and leave me endsley

[ hook: justin timberlake ]

verse 02:
just the other day, i was cleanin out my closet
guess what i ran across and nearly f-ckin lost it
a picture of us, kisses and hugs, i’m missin your touch
see, now our loves just a whisper in the dust
now we could never work this out and we barely could trust
i figured you must of hated my love or was it just l-st?
maybe it was just the fact that i was a reburnt from the gecko
but the hopelessness i felt was i couldn’t let go
i couldn’t see my retina, was blind to the fact that i couldn’t give a cr-p a-
bout me and i had to turn around and pack up my stuff and leave you back there
the next day i’m after you like i’m desperate
and you were on the next d-ck while i am actin wreckless
my intentions was to love you just like i expected
i can’t take another fight to my back side
i’d watch love fade in the black so hoplessly

[ hook: justin timberlake ]

i just can’t believe that it’s over for us
the times that we shared are now lost in the dust

verse 03:
so i sit down wit a big frown
in my house, drink in my hand, i’ve done my fifth round
going on six now, my life is done
we fought, we done, again the record plays
i heard the same sh-t from yesterday

[ hook: justin timberlake ]

- b k p