beatnuts – hellraiser 歌詞



es hermanos de lo que sido, amigo?
try to play me close and get loose
try to play me close and get loose
(d-mn, my ears are burning hot!)
d-mn, d-mn, d-mn, d-mn my ears are burning hot!
d-mn, godd-mn, godd-mn, d-mn my ears are burning hot!
yeah, yeah, yeah,

verse one: fashion

d-mn my ears are burning hot
i think i got fakin the funk
motherf-cks up in my spot
they know i’m gonna blow
so they press up on
the crew like gets dissed
like a fool when i’m gone
so get out, and leave me alone,
close my door!
i gotta whisper cause i got
some f-ckin’ ears on my floor
they’re tryin’ to catch on
to see who i’m givin’ the hoot
there it is square biz
don’t say my kids
[psycho les]
all these phony motherf-ckers wanna shake my hand
and behind my back talk sh-t to the next man
click, bam, a hit to your block, you got beats, but stop!
your sh-t is wack!
yeah, you better keep it subliminal
cause i don’t play, some say
my style’s type criminal
and we can get down, yo for real
yeah, so whatever kid, do what you feel, sucker!

chorus: repeat 4x

[p. les] try to play me close and get ghost, sucker!
[fashion]beatnuts forever, die hard motherf-ckers!

verse two: psycho les, fashion

you see me and i see you
but you still want to act like
you don’t see me, cool
years ago an a&r dissed

our f-ckin’ demos and said
that sh-t was scarred
b-tch, you big-time b-tch your foamin’
your label’s sh-t and you’ll regret it in a moment
now you eat pills, while i puff on the phils
and still, you can’t comprehend your skills

you remember the time, only after i performed
you called my hotel door, you want to blow me like a storm
but blue, no matter what you do
you can’t trick this kid
too cool, i thought you knew, fool!


verse three: fashion, psycho les

now i got you trapped, feelin weak and nervous
word up, cause i be strapped like the secret service
the cops they run me down for the guns i be wielding
i’ll murder a force to get lost between buildings
time to go to war, it’s been a raiser, now i’ma flip
rippin more n-gg-z than an axe in a horror flick
doin mad crime, i remember the days well
the demon inside of me had invited me to raise h-ll

i don’t want to have to snuff n-body
i just drink my twenties with c-ke with bacardi
try to play me close and get ghost, sucker!
beatnuts forever, die hard motherf-ckers!

- beatnuts