beautiful mistake – december 歌詞


december is the cruelest month
but this time for once my cheeks are warm
after long years in the monkey-house
i am ready for the storm
let them throw all their cannonb-lls
let all their strongmen come
iâ’m ready to go anywhere
through venom, sick and sc-m!

december isnâ’t always cold
but this year sheâ’s mine and i know why
somewhere a flower has to grow
for every flower that dies
iâ’m stricken with fever
but my heart is strong as steel
iâ’m ready to go anywhere!
i can believe, i can feel!

december is a trusted friend
i always recognise her face
itâ’s a plague of fool blown aside
forever by her soft and silent grace
she is reckless as a mayday
gentle as a stone
and ready to go anywhere
to carry me back home!

december fell deep in the bleak
mid-winter time when jesus christ
howled a baby saviourâ’s howl
a primal truth as pure as ice
and though we crucified him on a cross
and dragged his name from payer to curse
he was able to go anywhere
he was almost one of us!

- beautiful mistake