bigantdog (raps) – vossi bop (remix) 歌詞


[lyric from snippet]

[verse 1]
my brothers died like a vossi bop
just a volley like rossi on the hop like cuttin’ the top
just escaped the cop like it’s a shop
i don’t do pop fam i do rap i ain’t gonna stop
chop these b_tches up like steak like it’s a bake
f_ckin’ that cake like it’s a awake
snakes on my ‘gram like it’s a ram
my brothers died like a vossi bop
i just did the dance like it’s a stance that was the lads chance
lance combat like it’s a wombat (okay)
if you a rat i don’t f_ck wit’ you (p_ss off fam)
i don’t f_ck wit’ these haters they just baiters
female waiters waiting for me (who)
later’s that day like it’s today
if you mess wit’ me i just put your head on a lock
if you block i don’t care i swear to god i will wait (clock)
mess wit’ me i go get my glock (pow)
i am hard as a rock like i didn’t care about tiktok (dead fam)
i swear if you mock me i will attack ayy
my brothers died like a vossi bop
rip to some of my members of my family
i will remember the times just like the november ting
just let it ember like i’m charmander
i am not robbin’ the brand the sand the band ting
randy ting on the wwe ting
my brothers died like a vossi bop

- bigantdog raps