bleeding light – my empire 歌詞


see the mountains, over the plains, and their open arms
eat my forests, drink my rivers, and you’ll be delighted
feel the pain, feel the rain, falling on your eyes.

take my hand, i will show you my wide empire
feel the strength, see the beauty this you cannot deny
around my castle there’s no people to bring me cries
alone in this place, but this is my fate, i am resigned.

welcome to my world.
to all my fantasies,
to my hidden treasures,
to the infinity
of my empire

please go before it’s too late, now you are advised
against this sadness, against this roughness, that you will find
don’t think twice, don’t look back, maybe remember
but sorry i can’t stop this wrecking machine that rules my empire

cause i’ll grab your soul,
and you’ll belong to me,
and i’ll darken your heart (you’ll surrender),
and you’ll burn with me
in my empire

- bleeding light