bone thugs – n-harmony – still no surrender 歌詞


“still no surrender”

[hook – krayzie bone]
mr. law protector, me don’t respect ya
ya took to many innocent lives (still no surrender!)
it’s all too familiar, license to kill ya
seems we beat the rep every time (still no pretender!)

[layzie bone]
crooked officer… (f-ck the police!)
you wanna come get me, but i’ma keep runnin cause prison ain’t for me
…you know me no surrender!
i can break you off, fo sho…
you better off dead, cause me in a cell will never prevail
…you know me no pretender!
me runnin and duckin, evadin the law, since i can remember
tryna get paid, sellin my llell, from january to december
in a gizzard, through the blizzard, on a porch when, it’s scorchin
only f-ck with, familiar, when i’m stackin, my fortune

[hook – krayzie bone]

[wish bone]
so don’t trust the police
down here, get killed f-ckin with the police
no love, no trust, no respect for us
and we will not surrender to the police
nah, they do us raw…
pull us over, jealous of cars…
lyin witness, they’ll shoot n-gg-z up, leavin families scarred
n-gg- f-ck the police, they get, behind me
then f-ck the police, i got, what they need
i’m legal! don’t give ’em that reason just to f-ck with you!
they hate when they can’t touch you! and never ever give info to em!

[hook – krayzie bone]

[krayzie bone]
we got some issues with the po-po!
they keep on killin us, why aint n-body seein this? i dont know!
even n-gg-z are the victim of the street
the black cop! black cop, black cop, black cop!
just like every other day the po-po kill a man
unjustice, but trust me, don’t n-body give a d-mn
so whatcha gonna do when they try to do you?
would you pop-pop-pop-pop, pop, or let them shoot you?

[hook – krayzie bone]

- bone thugs