bone thugs – n-harmony – what have we done? 歌詞


“what have we done?”
(feat. michael jackson)

[chorus – michael jackson and krayzie bone]
aaaahhh! (pray, pray, and we pray, pray, pray)
ooohhh! (and we pray, pray, pray) whoooo!
what have we done to the world? (to the world, world, world)
look what we’ve done! (lord, what have we done, done, done?)

[krayzie bone]
everybody’s gone crazy, amamzed that it ain’t the same.
their faith has swayed! everything done got a little bit stranger
major complications plague the days.
everybody caught up in the fame and bright lights.
while so many gonna swing in the night life.
stabbin’ ourselves with so many pains!
life’s like really leavin’ me plain as i fight to try to make it out of satan’s
but really all they gotta do is shape the world.
make the world realize we must escape this world!
hopin’ i can get up outta here with my integrity and come up on a better
me and try to do it big,
do it big and through it to the heavenly
won’t be no h-ll for me, just paradise (dise, dise ahh!, ahh!)
so what you gonna do, what you gonna do?(do, do, heee heee!)
when the new world order come for you. (for you, for you, ahh!, ahh!)
all you can do, what you can do is recognize the truth!
realize these signs could pertain to you too! (too, too)

[repeat chorus]

[bizzy bone]
it’s just for comfortability!
it’s killin’ me floatin’ rock already we damage the ozone.
ain’t nothin’ been hot as the sun since steady b flex his authority!
and what may be important to me, electricity’s older than trees.
and that’s why the lighting be crackin’ the sky.
precious the metal was meltin’, but what about me?
when it comes to the mind, core, and the animals stick with us.
b go with fire, entangle the body, the brain, and security, visual forces are
not with us, why?
and the timing is dire! (ahh oohh)
oh, i’m rich i feel so elated it’s time to go. i love you baby.
before and after i’ll remain to the day with a theory, from here to lake
you know that the devil’s a liar!
the choir, i sit on my phone, all alone with my baby just singin’ my melody.
raisin’ a son. i never get tired, i’m too rugged for (ahh, ooohh)
i couldn’t retire! another dimension. releasin’ my tension.
they’re payin’ attention, they’re walkin’ so blind. oracles, snakes…

[repeat chorus]

signs keep showin’, goin’ on.
can’t believe how my mind has blown.
i witness mostly wickedness.
how much more mischief can go wrong?
steady holdin’ on down to slow it down, tryin’ to make it to a better place.
with the enemies up, they stay wide awake and everybody else caught up
in the rat race.
watch how they done trap you. don’t let ‘em catch you.
wipe away your whole existence.
it’s not easy to resist temptation or escape all the resentment. so much
seem like i’m havin’ a nightmare that’s reoccurin’. the vision is blurry, the
curtain is closin’ in a hurry, that’s something worthy of worry.
dig deep and researchers, their story is full of dissention and
now we gotta find a way to reserve this recession.
what have we done? lord what have we done (done)?
look what we’ve done! look what we’ve become!
lord what have we become? (come)

[repeat chorus]

[wish bone]
richest country in the whole wide world.
then why do got hungry little boys, little girls? (ahhh ooohh) spent.
in one man lies their dreams. come clean, just come clean.
mothers, fathers, sons, and daughter, it all adds up to their selfish greed!
they’re greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy, they greedy!
how about one laugh for every lie, twice for the unnecessary lives. but
since they cowards give ‘em that firing squad, get ‘em outta here quickly,
quickly! violence must be met with violence, be we be the one’s settin’ off
the riot. oh no, no, look what we done, done! i’m a voice of power! (power)
i must protect my ghetto son! (baby!)
without him there’s no blacks tomorrow.
we all (ahh,oohh), so stop the violence and watch how you change the world (the
whole wide world).
(i know) it’s clear, won’t get outta there.
if you really want change, take a look at the man in the mirror (mirror), in
your mirror.

[repeat chorus]

[layzie bone]
ain’t got no apology for the economy.
logically thinkin everybody gotta eat.
blame the economists, all of their promises.
not bein’ honest, why would they lie to me?
i’ma be clea, what i see is fear!
they set up the satellites, labeled us televised!
population in check, people petrified!
cnn on deck ‘til they testify.
invadin’ these countries for natural resources.
they wipe up the forests to get the oil in the industry, although they
claim to be loyal,
through all of the turmoil, their families get spoiled.
and i mean! heee heee! can we just go green to kill the population?
we need a solution, the future dependin’ on it!
you know what i mean? if you don’t put the endin’ on it,
armageddon gonna come real soon maybe then you want it.
landlords put their tenants on it! u.s.
congress put the senate on it any moment!
i want an atonement without secret service bein’ nervous political warfare.
ghetto came out of nowhere.
let the last be first, it hurt, don’t go there!

[repeat chorus]

[krayzie bone]
(ahh, ahh!) so what you gonna do,
what you gonna do? (do, heee heee!)
when the new world order come for you. (for you, for you, ahh, ahh!)
so what you gonna do, what you gonna do?
lord what have we done? (done, done, done)

- bone thugs