booze control – the nameless 歌詞


the betrayal brought him close
he’d pursue the path he chose
no mortal consciousness could cloud his mind
a nameless dread before his eyes
unknown the pain which would arise
detached from weakness of mankind

dispelled from life banished from death
consumed revenge on every breath
engulfed by shadows of what came to pass
a nameless gravestone overgrown
no sign or date carvеd in the stone
forlorn to overcomе at last

he is the nameless
risen from beyond
out of the shadows he bears
his cloak of darkness
crush the last frontier
his foes infested by nameless fear

the countless markings in his blade
remember those who had betrayed
the one who came back to reclaim the debt
mere moments seperate from his goal
to cut the curse out off his soul
and earn his name among the dead

- booze control