brandi carlile – love songs 歌詞


i can never write a love song
i can never write a blue song
when i’m in love i am a lover
and i have always had the blues

i am afraid that no one sees me
what will they say when i am gone
it occurs to me i think i miss you
i think i’ve missed you all along

out of the corner of my eye (out of the corner of my eye)
not sure if i should think these things of you
is it the wrong place at the wrong time
i think it’s just my turn to lose

thoughts of you could give me smile lines
i laugh myself to sleep because i knew (i knew)
we were talking ‘bout a fine line
it depends on who you’re talking to

if it’s any consolation
the blues have always had me too
and if i ever write a love song
i think i’ll write it about you

- brandi carlile