brazy da bo$ – influenced 歌詞


influenced gotta kick it i spit it i rip it i hit it
i lit it soon as i did it flame up step ya’ game up
can’t be on the same stuff gotta boss up it don’t cost much
start with discipline hope you listening
i teach game so peep game if you seek change
if not stay the same in ya lane you a lame i’ma bang i’ma bang
i gotta do my thing i never fold i never told
stick to the code if you know you know
old rules and pro tools been doing this a long time i could coach you
had to learn and get right the inf way
word to slash swerve for cash gotta keep it in the stash
blood bath if a n_gga try throw hands or a n_gga die
i’m with whatever roll the dice in this game of life think twice
fore’ you f_ck with thе yg’z oyg’z og’z
apply pressure make ya’ nosе bleed smoke pressure by the oz
you know me boolin wit the homies
or out the way on my lonely
you can keep that if you owe me you broke n_ggas

influenced since a young n_gga used to ride round with guns just for fun n_gga
always getting to the funds quicker gotta stack it up
good smoke in my lungs picture
me rollin’ up another one troublesome why they think they can f_ck wit em
for a long time underground i been number one
in her mouth like bubble gum
whats done is done my bars weigh a ton second to none hot like the sun
flamed up since a young teen hot boy red like a beam
when it come to head i’m a fiend i need it
street smart strategic elite sh_t i be on
ya’ll peons i pee on for eons my tree neon one puff he gone
i’ma cool n_gga brazy at the same time act a fool n_gga
f_ck the rules they meant to be broke not me
trying to make the forbes list top 3 ice cold like hockey you not me
can’t stop me green light at god speed
ill lyricist you feelin’ it or fearing it
i don’t give a f_ck long as you hearing it

- brazy da bo