bread juice – just as you are 歌詞


i am searching for a love that is truly blind.
i am learning that this life is an uphill climb.
i am a sinner desperately in need of a home.
i am cleaner when i’m standing in the shadow of his throne.
every one of us is different, but in jesus we are the same.
every one of us has a unique blend of loves and hurts, hopes, and pains.
so come just as you are;
just as you were;
just as you always will be.
come; you are my brother; you are my sister;
you are my family.
i am a beggar begging for alms of understanding.
i am a sailor, sialing just to find a holy landing.
i am poor in spirit anch-r-d in the sea of my sin.
so i run to him who calms the seas and stops the wind.
(jesus said) come to me you who are weary,
and i will give you rest for your souls.
it doesn’t take a formula or theory;
come to me and be bold.
come just as a child would be, meek and mild and free,
innocently seeking all his grace.

- bread juice