bridge to solace – these maps are written with blood 歌詞


this is my song for the hate of this world.
so you wanna see us be the next in line as we march to the dead with our heads silently bowed.
let’s f-cking tear our lives apart, cut our veins so our blood will serve as the ink for you to redesign the borders.
policemen of the world please unite.
rewrite the maps with our very blood.
is there anything left for us to deny?
or our remaining rights are only to die?
this is my song of bitterness and hope.
laws are silent in times of war, so we’d better shut the f-ck up as well.
this way at least we can be labeled as good people who serve the purpose of helping the western wind colonize lands untouched by it’s dirty plastic shine.
so you wanna see us be the next in line?
well, my friend, i really hope that instead of us, you’ll be standing in the line.
in the line of fire.

- bridge to solace