brother ali – only life i know 歌詞


only life i know

(it’s my life)
yeah, the only one that i’ll ever know
feeling extra low
please let me go
hold on, no
(it’s my life)
yeah, the only that i’ll ever know
and it stressed me so
oh god, bless me soul
hold on

[verse 1:]
wether it’s the projects or a trailer park mess
raggedy the apartment complex
with a stressed out single mom sitting on the steps
waiting on the mailman, looking for a check
boys on the corner, pushing out the chest
questing for anything that resembles respect
young girls swinging their hair with every step
looking for affection, settling for s-x
bodies decorated with tattoos and chains
trying to put armor between you and pain
wood grain steering wheel, the b-ss bang
but not enough to drown out the hatred in your brain
the only out is smoking out
get lean, get wet, get meth, get tore down
cause who the h-ll would want to stick around?
put me in a haze, i ain’t never coming out


[verse 2:]
they just wanna get you in the system, stick you into prison
list you in the military ship you to the desert
pigs don’t exist for you to make a decent living
but we got three illegal wars to shoot the pigs from
keep stressing marvels and personal decisions
tell me what’s marvel about these conditions
who decided you don’t got enough to teach children?
stay spending billions, on stadiums and prisons
how many roles can folks really choose?
when you’re oppressed only three lead to you
first one is follow the rules and stay in school
be the square dude, that’s a society approves
get a little job or a sh-tty apartment
or a sub-par mortgage in a failing house margin
the after your life dedication and hardship
you died just as poor as you was when you started
f-ck that, what’s up with the second option?
you could always h-t the corner and try to get it popping
get fast guap when you’re out dropping and clocking
but, chances are that you’ll probably die violent
the best hope that you got is getting nada
and end up with a job in a prison metal shop
they ain’t paying nothing but three [?]
don’t you know that’s the biggest hustle they got?
or door three you can get on that welfare
but they ain’t trying to help, they’ll put you in h-ll there
give you just enough so you’re not gonna starve
and constantly har-ss you while you’re looking for a job
do lock up and someone that got you to punch a clock
and they found about it and your check is getting dot
can’t win for losing, dehumanizing
you’ll never get caught up, you caught up in a cycle


- brother ali