brother cane – come alive again 歌詞


(johnson, frederiksen)
if there was a time, to take my hands
and cover my eyes
now, i won’t pretend, that i feel nothing
sorry again
i reach for another rhyme, i had my reasons
to keep it inside
and gone, are all the sounds, i hear now answers
for laying you down
when the tide is high
will it bring back what is mine
it doesn’t matter if you bend on me
it doesn’t matter if you just can’t breathe, come alive again
hey, would it matter if you do or die
it’s a pin sticking in your eye, come alive again
don’t speak again, the words i’m hearin’
never make sense
and we all wear thin, do you sink or swim
your soul is caving in
no more making time or faking everything around i’m breaking
you ain’t giving now i’m taking
full moon, burning on my skin
in time, everyone pretends
i won’t

- brother cane