busta rhymes – make it look easy 歌詞


make it look easy
(feat. gucci mane)

[hook x2: gucci mane]
i make it look easy
all my real “get money ballas” stand up
cause all my real “get money” ballas stand up
get money money money money

[verse 1]
they know me as the king of the shine
it’s busta buss, b-tch, they call me stimulus rhymes
familiar with women i got you curious times two
delirious with bread, so serious with the mind, boo
conspicuous, you might wanna take a flick of this wine, you
i’m sick with this, think you really wanna get with the swine flu?
ridiculous, with such a meticulous grind (ooh)
ventriloquist, the way n-gg-s will spit when i rhyme too
sometimes it’s hard to believe me, the way i
come with them cl-ssics and make it look easy and then i
make me this money and spend it so freely and jedi
corner the market, that’s when i

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
know what this custom louis just cost me?
well if you did, you’d probably get your f-cking hand off me
it’s damier leather chocolate darker than coffee
staring at the sp-ce shuttle, when i pull up or pull off, see
shawty be probably be pushing and answer me softly
she love the fact that i rep everything that a boss be
the type of boss she should get to know, and never should cross me
that make certain sh-t happen, i don’t really think you should force me
all the way from the start to the finish, my friend i
be getting it popping from the spark ’til they timid, can i
make it look easier than fighting a midget, red eye
off of that kush n-gg-, then i

[hook x2]

[verse 3: gucci mane]
tostido make my diamonds, i’mma go and have some sides
busta rhyming, rocking custom diamonds
i’m blinding, sh-t to me is easy grinding
even if i was signed, ain’t no need to sign me
entirely, too turnt up my mind is
focused on money like the irs is
i pull up in a scratched lexus with texas
tags, so many bricks i cause erections
lethal injection, electric necklace
(bling) flexing so check that off the checklist
i’m hungry, i’m eating rappers for breakfast
respect, one verse will leave you breathless
i’m rapping on a biggie beat, they didn’t expect it
f-cking with me, expect the unexpected
easy, breezy, cover like make-up
i break up the make up, i wait and cook cakes up

[hook x2]

- busta rhymes