cathedral – hopkins (the witchfinder general) 歌詞


she rides to the sabbath veiled under silver light
to make love to the devil necromancer of nyte
within the mystic forest
she sets your soul alight her coven conjure the demons
herald the sacrifice-yeah

lucifera vampirella
she bares the mark of the devil

queen of the witches her kingdom is your h-ll
black m-sses in the convent
priests under her spell
the crops have withered
the sky bends upside down
her name is lucifera
the mutant preachers yell yeah

my name is hopkins
i’m the witchfinder general
my impotence deceives me
your beauty turns me pale
winds haunt the village
satan’s ghost awakes
the world falls into darkness
as she melts at the stake yeah

matthew hopkins
witchfinder general
your soul condemned to h-ll

- cathedral