chelsea grin – cast from perfection 歌詞


“cast from perfection”

who are you to decide what the meaning of perfection is and what makes you so high and mighty?
you’re just like a weed slowly getting bigger but killing a beautiful rose
at the same time by taking all it’s light and smothering it
i hope that feeling of being better then anyone else was worth it to you because
she’s gone and can’t ever come back
it’s too late nothing can bring her back
it’s worthless people like you that destroy something truly beautiful
you’ve caused innocence to die
someone who didn’t fit in with your bullsh-t ideals and finally came
to the point where she took her own f-cking life
i hope you think about it every second of every day and you see her face when
you try to fall asleep at night
i hope it f-cking haunts you
perfection is what each individual makes it
be in charge of your own life not everyone else’s
just yours

- chelsea grin