chelsea grin – the foolish one 歌詞


“the foolish one”

i fear no god or any man who stands in my way. my way.
i fear no devils i’m not afraid of fantasy or consequence
i want it all, everything, everyone
the words i preach they will obey
i want it all they can’t stop me
let me hear them all scream
this is the setting
here i come alone, here i come the victor
bringing the new order
i know one thing that won’t change
we have no faith in what we are
too sick and tired of the shame
by my hand i break these god d-mned walls
they will not forget my god d-mned name
by my hand they betray
by my hand they will collapse
by my hand the weak will be enslaved
this is a tale of the foolish one
he broke the bonds of a righteous man
now he must stay in eternal flames
let this be a warning no one will be spared
when the time comes they will make your choice.

- chelsea grin