chris brown – twitter (follow me) 歌詞


“twitter (follow me)”

look, i does my s-h-i-t
please excuse me for the smell
for certain thing does my jerk thing
and i keep her working
she a star on the track like pharrel, na’mean?

your money slow mo
my money like pro mo
giving autographs with the cash no photos
flow sicker than polio
hit it from the back guarantee to give ya scolio…sis
sorry homie but i’m bonin’ yo’ sis
and she love it
when i take her down even when i do my duggy
like a dj in the bed when i’m cuttin’
city kid pull up in that big truck
call it tonka
club like the chocolate factory
w-lly wonka
girl i want ya
but you’re too much taste so sweet bout to give me a sugar rush

i be going out
imma go getter
i be pullin’ all the chicks they follow me like twitter (twitter)
follow me like twitter, follow, follow me like twitter
hangin’ on every word that i say
they know what i’m about
colder than the winter
y’all ain’t messin’ wit me
y’all just some beginners
follow me like twitter, follow me like twitter (twitter)
follow me, follow me (yeah)

as i’m sittin’ on top of my ego,
that’s the world and i’m flyer than the eagle
and she a weapon and i know she kinda lethal
my flow sicker than cancer
need chemo
and as the world turns
yeah i hit it in
got obama stacks
i’m countin’ presidents
know who i’m betta than
but i don’t mention them
number one in the game
they on the bench and sh-t (aha)
cause i do my d-mn thing
my body tagged up like a pic-sso painting
neck full of ice baby lets go skating
or we can take a trip to beijing (hahaha)
million dollar house
million dollar fits
call me jackie chan with these million dollar kicks
and you know i’m the man with these million dollar chicks
so guess what’s in my hand
these million dollar t-ts


ladies, how ya been?
i know you’ve been waiting for me
now i’m back again (again)
run along and tell ya friends
and watch dem girl dem say
you know you down for the man name, chris brown

introducing you to something new (something new)
something that you never seen before (seen before)
the lamborghini with the four door
we can ustream all the footage, babe
tell me what it feel like to roll with boss
hit me up on twitter baby we can kick it off
we can kick it off (oooooh yeah oh)

[chorus x2]

- chris brown