chris seefried – you make me 歌詞


in my life i get lost sometimes
searchin’ for what i don’t know

i can’t seem to find myself
lookin’ high and lowa

i’ve traveled long and hard
tryin to find some truth

while my soul was searchin’
i found a road that leads to you

in a dream i saw you
i knew you were mine
you brighten up the darkness
like a light, like a light (that) shines
you make me, you make me
the most me i could ever be

hear me calling out your name
it’s understood i want you now

i can’t make it without you here with me
then out of the slip you appear somehow

so when you’re down
you can reach for me
cause you know
i’ll be around

in my life i get lost sometimes
searchin’but now i know

everything i ever hoped for is
here with me
all i need is you alone

- chris seefried