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chxpo – 9k + lyrics


[verse: chxpo]

young n_gga flexed up
b_tch i’m next up
she like boy chxpo
you fly as f_ck
i’m be dressed up
broke b_tches make me sick
b_tch get off my d_ck
lil chxpo do a hit
then take a trip
if i pull up
on them boys
they know i wouldn’t miss
my little b_tch nena
with me
and she want a kiss
mwuah mwuah
that chapo go mwuah gruh gruh
glocks go gruh gruh
i be in that raw raw
chxpo call that b_tch
baha, molly, and hawaiian punch
i don’t eat no brunch
lil chxpo b_tch
i like eating lunch
molly in my lunch
molly in my breakfast
i put molly in my captain crunch
d_mn chxpo
what you doing now
getting cash now
[verse: 0101010]

check (2x)
band gods
you know

- chxpo