citizen fish – t v dinner 歌詞


acclimatized slowly to image distortion/selling the wares and wearing so thin/
which is worse? to be in or out of proportion?/doc-mentality always stays in/
squarely screened and sat to face the facts/the content lost the meaning cos
they didn’t show the cracks/cerdits roll and take their toll on the roads that
share the fields/where the factory tractor plows the truth and buried what is
real/overlaid the essence with the smell of leisure time/culture waste as pub-
lic taste gets dulled and undefined/belief in the disposable is just like be-
ing blind/so brighten up the packaging put up a few more signs/eat this fast
food – read this buy now – main course soundtrack – discover just how – we win
you lose – who what where when – only joking sit back – then forget and start
again/i’ve been told i’ve got a mind of my own/and they say you can’t believe
anything you’re told/and i read how easy it is to make decisions/and i saw
someone like you on the television

- citizen fish