civil twilight – perfect stranger 歌詞


“perfect stranger”

tonight i feel something over me
something i can’t change
many nights i have spent sailing
with may reasons to be brave
but, tonight i feel my heart begin to fail me
and my head begin to fall
like two ships crossing their paths
i see you like a new dawn

my perfect stranger
don’t sail away
it was meant to be
we met this way
we met this way

so many nights i’ve been in this place
the winds haven’t blown in 7 days
i turn to the stars
and the moon at night
but the more i look
the more i lose sight
and heaven knows that heaven shows
places of its glory
its moments like these
and treasures we must seize
so we can tell the story of…

my perfect stranger
don’t sail away
tell me your secrets
and be on your way

hold me here
go on and hold me here

there’s no fear [x3]

my perfect stranger
arms open wide to me
tell me your secrets
and tell them as you lay
i sing

hold me now my perfect stranger [x3]

- civil twilight