colorblind james experience – i’m a sailor 歌詞


i’m a sailor
i’ve been to the north sea
i’ve been to the south sea
i’ve been to the dead sea
i’m a sailor
i’ve got my top mast
i’ve got my main sail
i’ve got my crow’s nest too

been gone for six weeks
been gone for eight months
been gone for ten years
been gone for a lifetime
don’t know my family, forgot my wife’s name
if i have children, i know them not

i’ve seen poor folks in little junk boats, eating fish guts, eating frogs’ heads
i’ve seen rich men, raised on candy, raised on éclairs, living on champagne

i’ve been seasick
i’ve been poisoned
i’ve been capsized
i’ve been shipwrecked
been washed up on devil’s island with the driftwood and left for dead

- colorblind james experience