creepmime – the colour still unwinds 歌詞


[this song is dedicated to machiel c jonckheer (d 28-5-95), friend of]
[friends, mind of minds, heart of hearts. take care]

time and time again you tried so hard
to lose your head, to free your heart
mister ‘afraid to lose control’
you were your own, ever intricate
marionette and puppeteer
unconciously seeking the divine
for love was ever on your mind
and you struggled when you saw it change
your ‘want to be liked’
and you forgave me it’s lure my friend
as i hoped you would
for you knew that i was spellbound by colour

time and time again you tried in vain
to explore, to feel apart
intimately lose control
on your own terms, ever curious
allways trying with some reward
conciously reseeking the womb
mothers shelter from lifes storms
and you struggled when you felt her near
afraid to say colourful
you succ-mbed and knew my heart, my heart
as i hoped you would
and you knew that to be spellbound by colour
was all there was

your search has come to and end
and you’ve left us behind to live other lives
while nirvana is yours
and the colour still unwinds

- creepmime