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current 93 – the starres are marching sadly home lyrics


and shall i see you once again?
and see the flags of inmostlight?
and shall i turn towards the dusk?
and dream of dust and broken ships?
and shall they sink without a sigh?
and line the deeps and banners sleep
and winds blow still and clouds amass
so with a gun, or with a cross
or with a shrug, or with a god
we catch through cracks
and hear through creaks
the bruises of the echoes of
it says h_llo and far too late

i shall not laugh
and you still fall crippled and broken
these days shall not come again
the starres are marching sadly home
the seahorse rears to oblivion
these days shall not rise again
i shall no longer believe all the visions of my youth:
they have dissolved into nihil
her arms will not hold me again
except at night (at night)
in dreams i patch together from sleepydust
as rain falls as honey, and drenches the trees
the children run ragged
the children run mine
(i wish)
nothing shall fresh spring again
the starres are lost in distorted twilight
not blue, nor streaked with regal slash of red
this is the final twisted black gash but
not mine, not mine
not mine, notmine
children shall always weep
the woods are archen now
no coptic blanket
the vaults so…
i break all the boughs in front of me
i glimpse the dog bound dead smile
into these parched woods
the crippled line the path to the white lodge
they are the entrance sight and exit sigh
the crippled line the river banks
and through their praying ferociously
the bloodbells whine unbearable
they scream now unbearable
they’re perched against the wet, white cliffs
the starres are marching sadly home
(fall with me)
the starres in file are fallen
then how great
how little now
when you look here
there are no eyes to see you any longer
we dance together
you and i away in dead woods
take your brightness away
my eyes blurred before
they could not touch you
in all my sounds of your farewell
and songs of the radiance of your body
all of it: even the filth was gold to me
the fountain was gold
as you thrust your throat
towards the pallid sky
i could never reach you truly…
when i open my lips
i have no words any longer
my mouth is blind and dead
and this life
though i have shielded myself
with a rosaried wall
i came to see no meanings
but loss and death
endings, all endings
and as for love, for love, for love:
i know the face i shall see at the final zero
i have tasted the t__th of paradise
and i have seen the t__th of paradise
and i will know them again, briefly
but i took you into fields of rape forgotten
our children dress in lace
their throats
all the unsung promises i hoped to catch to hear
the throats humming in my mind
of inmostlights hung in trees
with the walkways and swings
the roundabouts spiraling in on themselves
it’s all empty
my mouth would wish to cut your throat
i have controlled it with a crucifix until now
whilst the blood makes another useless halo for us
the gold
the throat
the t__th
and there, over there
the starres are out
and theinmostlight prepares his final fire
there may well be ways to catch the silence. as the words pour like honey from our mouths _ as they yap and pour sweetness that rots our t__th and others ears, and we weave gross nets of nothings to try and to trap meaning into this world so without meanings _ we must look into a mirror and see our lips forming a series of a hundred rows of nothings. we must look into the mirror: see the self sane image englassed and blabbing away into eternity. from the mirror a small step to the windows: the smudges and stains tell us of the myriad faces that wedge their faces till they might crack against the glass: as they mouth that wide hopeless ooooooooooooooooo, it is impressed, by the grace of lordnothing foreverandever, into the structure _ the smudges are inside the pane… no_one shall know us, nor ever shall… and love, believe, does not exist… and on the starres march… on and on and on… to oblivion
and so we fall under the hooves of all the pretty little horses… and we see clearly, now, theinmostlight

“some day i think i shall strange my soul.”

[a capella of ‘all the pretty little horses by shirley collins]

[verse 1]
hush you bye, don’t you cry
go to sleepy, little baby
when you wake
you shall have
all the pretty little horses
blacks and bays
dapples and grays
coach and six a little horses
hush_a_by, don’t you cry
go to sleep, my little baby

[verse 2]
way down yonder
in the meadow
poor little baby crying momma
birds and the b_tterflies
pecking out his eyes
poor little baby crying momma

[verse 1]
hush you bye, don’t you cry
go to sleepy, little baby
hush you bye, don’t you cry
go to sleepy, little baby

[child’s voice]
“when you wake
you shall have
all the pretty little horses”

- current 93