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damaged – change lyrics


it’s not the sort of thing i thought you’d never
that giving pain and sharing blame is all undoing
what’s been said n’ done.
you’ll take my life away…

bouncing ’round the problems in your head,
of what’s been said, undone, then taken
changed, reawakened, making fiction fact.
your freedom’s cut, you’re everything but lies.
all the systems fall, and all you hold is what’s been
embedded choices drilled in your f-cking head

all ya judas goyim, and all their horse’s minds and
bake what you’re fed, hear what’s been said about them,
i won’t be your victim now it’s changed.
they’ll make you work for life,
his bleeding fuels the flames of burning rife.
transcend the shifts of recreation,
capital is paramount to why they generate minds
clone the will for propagation history.
making the past heresy, and if you can’t undo what’s
been done
weave in the web that’s been spun.

all things change, only the plot stays the same,
be as you are, replace the souls of those you’ve
raping all that’s left to be refined,
destroy the souls that make you obsolete.
think, fight for why you wanna be yourself.

retain a shred of where you’ve come from,
and what’s been left behind, what will it grow to?
then what’s to be refined the coming after?
slaves, you think you’ll work for 40 hours now.
depend on progress for existence.

free domesticate what’s fit to hear n’ say, to
to make life work that you create and the part you’ll
naturally breaking all ties with its ancestry.
biting the tongue of those social lies,
infiltrate silence and breed innocence.
they’ll take the only things that’re sacred,
dead or alive, they’ll take the only things that’ve
stolen tomorrow,
kill another, days survived, changes amplify the ruin
of all,

remain, remember when and why,
i won’t be going now i’ve changed…

- damaged