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damaged – token remedies research lyrics


research “vaccine prevention” should mean staying the f-ck away from pharmacuticals,
over the last decade, the push to immunize has initiated const-tutional change,
drive from global herding, don’t be a statistic for the papers,

climb those walls of federation, find that justice b-tch
and rape her boom infected governments, armed with fits spreading it, liberally.
labouring give them the pretender, procreate. zymotics form in life, kill the v.n.
tainted flesh, chain of fear, p-ss infect chlorinate gene pool test.
give them death anyway, but i’m in it upset by the prevalent sickness,
painting it black, saturating fact leaches, education’s what society teaches.
let them eat cake, drink hear n’ say cash back bringing in numbers,
waking up death from a chemikill slumber,

generous chip to the health siv system cash incentives, increase disease.
dominate chase away common sense, immunize, medikill, vaccinate child decay
scrub away paid for lies, bureaucratize, circ-mvent, ratify, implement, vaccinate government.
cementing in another back bench plate to chain to will anybody catechize the plot to fleece you.
delivering 95% success rate delegate make the system cry.
sift it, separate, dissecting it, look what you’ve found,
consider truth to be the bed-of-rights to what you’re bound.
right to be you, and to see through what’s not to be for free,
all the facts are science-backed and biotech bullsh-t,
you can’t stall need for wanton lives,
come in a spinner, be a guinea pig, a syndrome’s down to medical intoxication,

token remedies found,
sell a patient, kill a patient,
stalling for cures an’ roll the problems up,
an’ kick the undercl-sses round like a ball,
kick the sickness push drugs, push them down.
yeah, waking for this pharmacy mortician’s prescript,
another lie, clayton’s pills roll over hills,
building speed and taking lives, depopulizations a waste of time.
let them live, we’ll die faster.
preserving death becomes life, our overflow will drain the reservior,
reference uneducation, honesty’s given like disease.
d.p.t. shot medic – hate. break through screens of medication.
break through, exploit, export, abdicate world vaccination

medical police taking life and reason,
never ending pharmaceutical treason.
dissipate now that they’re all deluded,
like an “auto de fe”, you’ll burn to say sell it everywhere,
watch it multiply, has there ever been a trial vaccination test?
control your m-sses, beat apathy, break down blindness, cot death,
kidney heart and liver failure, cancers, mantras, lupus, encephllitus cerebal palsy.
s.t.d. plot medicate,

break through all that makes you weaker,
reach through, take too, rape hard,
selling to the coffin,
w.h.o. are god.

- damaged