dark lunacy – forgotten 歌詞


rise the harshness light,
on this cold day of march.
waves the yearning, are moving wild,
along the involved dirge of broken life…
broken life beginning time.

my jailor.
lying guardian of mi delay
my soul believed in mourning breeze
but scythe is tear all certainties of the day
and love, for life is changed,
in endless deep remorse
cause i can’t tell “i love you” at my side.

all medal has it’s dark reverse
and you know well, my only friend
i need a strong, to be beloved
cause i want drive my suffering

forgive me, my guiltness preys
help me pray for my sin
my weaver forgive my soul
forgive me like i am forgiving you

eternal end in endless nights
my closed eyes, slowly are see.

all medal has it’s shine reverse
and you know good, my only friend
i need a strong, that you watch me
cause i want know the really true.

last face last mask fallen
are you evil? or my awarness?
are you evil or my remorse?
reflect in mirror of my years

jesus, show me please while i pray you
look me wile i’m looking you

please remember you, the kiss from silent moth.
the stroke of mortal pride
i’m d-mned, i’m d-mned, i’m d-mned
please remember you the kiss from crying moth.
the stroke of mortal pride
cause i’m evil masquerade.

- dark lunacy