dawn of azazel – sin (amongst the kings) 歌詞


cold heart of judas beats within my flesh
blood of demons flows through my flesh
blacken my heart and sear my skin
submit in ecstasy to the feeling
revered, invincible i have become
i taste your weakness upon my tongue
spat back in your face as serpents poison
laugh as you wither and die like vermin

run amok in the garden of purity
defile all that is beheld on high
fornicate with the sirens of chast-ty
smash open the gates that confine
partake of the fruits of perversity
tinder for the flame inside
embrace the accolades of entropy
grasp its demonic h-rns and ride

drawn into the web of iniquity
young minds polluted with ecstasy
take their place upon the throne of perversity
amongst the kings for eternity


- dawn of azazel